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Preparing and Applying for Financing

Entrepreneurs and business owners that have encountered a “gap” in financing such that the combination of owner funds with other private investment and loans is insufficient to meet a project’s financial needs are encouraged to contact the LNCRLF for more information. Together, we will assess your eligibility to apply as well as guide you through the process. The same basic steps to financing used by other conventional loan sources are applied, including submission of the following:

  • The completed Loan Application
  • The Business Plan that describes the nature of the business, the sales/ marketing strategy, the players involved, and the details of the funding request
  • The Financials that quantify and describe the financing requested along with 3 years of projected revenues and expenses
  • Personal/Business Tax Returns for the previous 3 years
  • Personal Financial Statements for all owners with >20% ownership
  • Supporting Documentation for the use of funds (equipment/ renovations quotes, lease/sale agreements, etc.)

To view the Application, click here.